Land & Hunting Property Expertise

Land Expertise

A seasoned professional, Boon has extensive experience with timber, farmland and recreational property. He understands the unique qualities that make a property desirable as well as the practical and logistical aspects that make it suitable for the intended use.

In addition, Boon possesses a life-long passion for the outdoors, enjoying traditions like gardening, hunting and fishing with his family through the years. He appreciates the need to escape city life and connect with the natural world.

Resources and Experience

Boon has access to certified foresters, pond management experts and other professional resources, but he also draws on personal experience, selling timber, managing ponds for trophy largemouth bass and bream, and developing habitats for deer, turkey, dove and quail on his own property. Through these experiences, Boon has cultivated a more thorough understanding of wildlife, forestry and land management than the average real estate agent.

Revenue Generation

Navigating opportunities to defray ownership costs through leasing or grant programs can be difficult and time consuming. Boon helps clients lease land for farming, hunting or harvesting pine straw. He can also help secure government grants to plant long leaf pine trees or to convert farmland to timber.

Local Connections

Real estate is about much more than the land — it’s about people. Boon was born and raised in Columbus, worked for several years in Pine Mountain and has connections at Fort Benning dating back generations.

Boon’s mother hails from Pittsview, giving his family deep roots in the outlying areas of Russell, Barbour and Talbot Counties. His wife grew up in Stewart County and has family in Webster County. So Boon is not only familiar with the land in the Chattahoochee Valley, he also knows the people.