Investment Property Expertise

Investment Experience

Boon acquired a working knowledge of investment property early in life, since his father owned both residential and commercial rental properties. Boon went on to purchase his own, beginning with a triplex in the Jordan-Johnson area.

Through the years he has bought and sold many investment properties, both for himself and for clients, and he currently enjoys cash flow from a profitable commercial property.

Investment Benefits

A relatively small initial investment in rental property can offer gradual but substantial long-term benefits. Whether residential or commercial property, tenants cover the mortgage and maintenance expenses through monthly rent.

Once the mortgage is paid off, the cash flow can lead to significant income over time, contributing to an ample retirement package.

First Time Investors

The current market makes this the perfect time to invest in rental property. Getting started may seem daunting, but Boon and his team can help identify and evaluate potential properties, anticipating typical expenses for a realistic cash-flow estimate.

For investors who don’t have the time or know-how to manage their own properties, Boon’s affiliation with Flournoy-Calhoun provides access to a full service real estate company. For a fee, they will handle everything from finding and vetting renters to inspecting and maintaining the property.

Finance Perspective

Boon earned a B.S. in finance from Birmingham-Southern College in 1992 and spent two decades in the field of financial services. With this extensive background, he is uniquely qualified to help clients assess the financial risks and benefits of potential investment properties.

Boon also expertly helps clients navigate the more stringent requirements necessary for financing investment properties.